Easy Wash 50 E

Electrical single-brush washing system.


Electric powered single-brush washing system for professional cleaning of commercial vehicles, trucks and buses.

Equipped with an electrical power supply system, with alternating current 380 volt three-phase/ 220 Volt mono-phase, the equipment can provide professional, fast and economical washing.

The system is composed of:

– Independent washing system easy to drive, it can wash an articulated truck in less than 10 minutes with maximum consumption of 150 litres of water. The single brush can cover the entire outer surface of the vehicle being washed thanks to its tilting system. It can clean surfaces sloped to a maximum of 20°.

– Driving system: with wheels for manual movement, with 4 steering wheels and 2 directional wheels, to ensure maximum traction to the ground and linear movement. The 24V electrical commands: totally protected and safe, tested to EC standard.

Easy Wash 50E can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the maximum dimensions of 2m2 and its customisable height.

This model is installed with direct coupling of the power supply cables free on the ground or overhead connection of the power supply cables.

Technical data

Easy Wash 50 E     

Power Supply  Electric 380V 3ph 16A
Brush motor  0,9 Kw
Brush Tilting  Manual
Water connection  1/2” – 3/4”
Water pressure   4/5 bars
Water flow rate   20/30 litri/min – 4/7 Uk gal
Brush diameter  1000 mm – 40×40 in
Weight  220 kg – 485 Lbs
Overall dimensions  1100×1200 mm h.4300 mm – 44×48 in h 170 in

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