Independent single brush washing system with electric engine.


Independent single brush washing system with electric engine.

This system can completely wash a vehicle in less than 10 minutes for all commercial and public vehicles such as tarpaulin trucks, box trucks, tankers, special vehicles and buses.

The Truck Wash D500 HP washing system avails of a water tank, a high pressure nozzle with hose winder and a tilting single brush up to 20 degrees, offering two washing functionalities in one machine:

High pressure jet wash (can also be used to clean under the chassis and body of the vehicles).

Washing with the single brush

– The operator drive system can be on the ground, standing or seated.

Optional equipment on request:

– Silenced engine system.

Technical data

Truck Wash E 500     

Engine    Electric 24 V
Engine Fuel   Battery 24 V
Transmission  Hydraulic
Forward travel  Variable speed
Consumption  40-80 Amp/h
Start   Electric
Water tank capacity    500 litres – 110 UK gal
Detergent tank capacity  10 litres – 2,2 UK gal
Water consumption  25 litres/min- 5,5 UK gal/min
Water pressure on brush  3 Bar
Max. water pressure  3 Bar
Hydraulic fluid tank  10 litres- 2,2 UK gal
Max. brush inclination  15-20°
Brush diameter  1000 mm – 40 in
Weight  600 kg – 1323 Lbs
Overall Dimensions  1420×2290 mm h.4250 mm – 56×90 in h. 170 in

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