Easy Wash: high quality washing systems with basic equipment

Easy Wash single brush machines with standard equipment for high quality washing for any type of vehicle.

For transport companies with small fleets Iteco Washing Systems has a line of Easy Wash single brush machines. These models have standard washing equipment and tilting brush, able to offer a high quality wash for every type of vehicle.

Easy Wash is available in two models:

Easy Wash 50E Electric single brush machine

Easy Wash 50 E

Electric washing system that can be used both in open and closed environments, thanks to the maximum size of 2 square meters and customizable height.
It requires an installation through the direct connection of power cables on the ground or overhead connection with the aid of pylons and / or shelves mounted where desired.

Monospazzola Easy Wash 300

Easy Wash 300

Autonomous washing system with double commands placed on opposite sides of the system, allows the system to be operated in both directions.

Available in three versions:

Available in three versions:

300B (petrol powered);
300D (diesel powered);
300 E(with battery powered electric motor);

For more information or to request a quote on Easy Wash single disc machines:

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