Omega Wash: effective washing solution for all vehicles

Omega Wash washing system, guarantees a complete and professional cleaning for every type of vehicle.

The Omega Wash portal washing system by Iteco Washing Systems ensures a complete and professional cleaning for all vehicles dedicated to commercial and public transport.

Complete and high performance washing cycle

Erogatori alta pressione

Side chassis washing system: high pressure water dispenser circuit for cleaning the underbody and side frames.

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Low pressure dispensing system: this is an equipment present on all sides of the portal, even at the top, which carries out the vehicle pre-washing phase.

Spazzole omega wash

Multi-brush washing system is able to clean the entire surface of the bodywork of each vehicle and it is possible to install from a minimum of two to a maximum of five brushes.

Additional equipment

To optimize the performance of Omega Wash, the following additional devices can be added on request:

Omega Wash Display

Monitoring PC: to control and optimize the washing programs and working times of your station.

Teste rotanti

Rotating heads: Frame and underbody washing devices. Eliminates any residue of dirt deposited during journeys.

Barra Oscillante

Oscillating HP roof bar: Excellent for vehicles with particular shapes such as tankers, it is composed of a series of nozzles capable of delivering water at high pressure and cleaning the areas that do not come into contact with the brushes.

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Iteco solutions for your washing area

Iteco Washing Systems offers a wide range of vehicle washing solutions able to satisfy every cleaning need.

Every company specializing in the transport sector needs a vehicle body care system that satisfies the final yield and costs equally, so Iteco Washing Systems offers a wide range of products designed to meet every cleaning need of its fleet.

Mobile single brush washer

They are washing systems designed to offer fast and economical cleaning without sacrificing quality and service performance. Each model offers different washing performance according to your needs, from the fastest and cheapest to the most accurate.

The proposals in this category:

Easy Wash 50 E

Easy Wash 50 E

Easy Wash 300

Easy Wash 300

Truck Wash

Truck Wash D500

Full Wash

Full Wash

Gantry-type washing systems

For companies that want a complete performance, they can rely on Omega Wash gantry washing systems, designed to guarantee professional cleaning for companies with large fleets.

omegawash camion
Omega Wash I440 S3

Equipped with a multi-program system managed by a PC with the possibility of choosing between two, three, four and five brushes, it guarantees the washing of the entire external surface of the vehicle and it is possible to add some accessories for a better result:

barra oscillante

Horizontal bar with high pressure jets.

teste rotanti

Spinner heads with high pressure jets for washing the underbody and chassis

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Thorough cleaning of vehicles with chassis washing

Thorough cleaning solutions for your vehicles with chassis and underbody washing systems.

Each journey favors the accumulation of mud, salt and pieces of asphalt in the vehicle frames, risking to generate wear damage if neglected.

To prevent this problem, the Iteco Washing Systems range of chassis washing systems is designed to eliminate piles of harmful dirt thanks to the high pressure water delivery system from below.

Chassis washing systems are present both in single-brushwashing systems and in gantry and tunnel washing systems.

Chassis system single-brush machine

Chassis Monospazzola

HP chassis washing system from below

Chassis a terra

Chassis system with rotating HP heads

Chassis teste rotanti

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