Single Brush Easy Wash

Washing systems able to achieve a complete and professional vehicles’ cleaning.

The range of washing systems manufactured by Iteco includes single brush machines Easy Wash: a class of systems able to assure an efficient cleaning service. Discover their potential!

Easy Wash 50 E

Easy wash_50E

Easy Wash 50 washing system is equipped with an electric tilting brush facility

The machine is manually operated with the driving system consisting of a trolley with wheels: four steering and two directional, double handlebar and controls positioned on opposite sides to control and driving in both directions;

An external connection, with a manual valve, provides water supply for vehicle cleaning. Power comes via direct connection of an electric wire (installed on overhead trolley line of free) to a socket fixed by the technician on delivery.

Easy wash 300

It is a self-propelled autonomous (petrol, diesel or battery).washing system for vehicles.

The washing unit consists of an automatic tilting brush and water tank with a capacity of 300 liters (66 UK gal).

Manually operated with traction wheel and double handlebars to drive the machine from both directions.

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Easy Wash: standard washing systems with excellent performance

Easy Wash single brush machines with standard equipment for high quality washing for any type of vehicle.

For transport companies with small fleets Iteco Washing Systems has a line of Easy Wash single brush machines. These models have standard washing equipment and tilting brush, able to offer a high quality wash for every type of vehicle.

Easy Wash is available in two models:

Easy Wash 50 E

Easy Wash 50E | Electric single brush machine

Electric washing system that can be used both in open and closed environments, thanks to the maximum size of 2 square meters and customizable height.
It requires an installation through the direct connection of power cables on the ground or overhead connection with the aid of pylons and / or shelves mounted where desired.

Easy Wash 300

Easy Wash 300 | Single brush machine

Autonomous washing system with double commands placed on opposite sides of the system, allows the system to be operated in both directions.

Available in three versions:

  • 300B (petrol powered);
  • 300D (diesel powered);
  • 300 E (with battery powered electric motor);

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