Full Wash: Complete cleaning of the vehicle

Full Wash single brush machine with washing system equipped with accessories that allow the complete cleaning of the vehicle.

To ensure optimal cleaning for its fleet of vehicles, Iteco Washing Systems recommends Full Wash: the only single brush machine equipped with unique accessories that allow professional and complete cleaning.

The Full Wash system consists of:

Tiltable brush

Full Wash Tilt - Full Wash inclinata

The system is designed with a motorized inclination of the brush of 20°.

HP washing of the underbody

Chassis monospazzola

High pressure bar with blade nozzles for underbody washing.

Jet gun and pressure washer

Lancia idropulitrice

It allows you to finish and reach those areas that are difficult to clean only with the brush.

Roof bar

Fullwash Roof washing with HP bar - Full Wash Barra ad alta pressione per il lavaggio del tetto

Bar with high pressure nozzles for washing the roof.

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