Omega Wash: effective washing solution for all vehicles

Omega Wash washing system, guarantees a complete and professional cleaning for every type of vehicle.

The Omega Wash portal washing system by Iteco Washing Systems ensures a complete and professional cleaning for all vehicles dedicated to commercial and public transport.

Complete and high performance washing cycle

Erogatori alta pressione

Side chassis washing system: high pressure water dispenser circuit for cleaning the underbody and side frames.

Erogatori a bassa pressione

Low pressure dispensing system: this is an equipment present on all sides of the portal, even at the top, which carries out the vehicle pre-washing phase.

Spazzole omega wash

Multi-brush washing system is able to clean the entire surface of the bodywork of each vehicle and it is possible to install from a minimum of two to a maximum of five brushes.

Additional equipment

To optimize the performance of Omega Wash, the following additional devices can be added on request:

Omega Wash Display

Monitoring PC: to control and optimize the washing programs and working times of your station.

Teste rotanti

Rotating heads: Frame and underbody washing devices. Eliminates any residue of dirt deposited during journeys.

Barra Oscillante

Oscillating HP roof bar: Excellent for vehicles with particular shapes such as tankers, it is composed of a series of nozzles capable of delivering water at high pressure and cleaning the areas that do not come into contact with the brushes.

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