Ozone-O3: Multi-sanitizing station with remote control

Ozone-O3 multi-sanitizing station with remote management with Android smartphone app and sanitation certificate printing system.

To ensure the safety of passengers during travel, Iteco Washing Systems offers among its solutions the new multi-sanitizing station Ozone-O3, designed for the sanitation of closed environments such as transport vehicles (trucks, buses and rental vehicles) and rooms of buildings from 150 to 300 m3.

The device is equipped with systems that promote effective, safe and certified sanitation:

Double processing circuit

The multi-sanitizing station has a double processing circuit: Ozone generator (O3) and a nebulization system.

Ozone O3 - Generatore ozono

The Ozone Generator (O3) allows you to perform air disinfection and the elimination of volatile pollutants.

Ozone O3 - Nebulizzatore

The nebulization system releases the disinfectant solution based on hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2) into the air, capable of eliminating the presence of microorganisms harmful to health such as viruses and bacteria, even on hard surfaces.

Remote management system

Ozone-O3 also guarantees the safety of the operator in charge of sanitization, thanks to the remote control system via smartphone application.
By downloading the Air-O3 Android smartphone app, you can manage sanitization operations with the bluetooth of your phone while maintaining a safe distance avoiding direct and dangerous exposure to ozone gas.

Printing of sanitation reports

The Ozone-O3 station management application also has a section for printing detailed reports that certify the sanitization performed.

Stampa report
Stampa report
Stampa report
Stampa report

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