Start 2022 with Iteco

Resumption of the production activities of Iteco Washing Systems, find out which of our systems can satisfy your washing needs of your transport vehicles!

If with the new year you are considering the purchase or renewal of your washing systems, Iteco Washing Systems offers you a wide range of products to choose from.

Discover the washing system that best suits your needs!

Single-Brush products

For transport companies or service stations that want to take advantage of a simple, easy to handle and space-saving system, various models of single-brush mobile washing systems are available that can perform a complete, professional and quick external cleaning of vehicles:

Portal washing systems

Omega Wash is the semi-moving portal washing system with multi-brush cleaning system. The gantry systems are ideal for medium and large companies that want an accurate washing cycle.

Omega Wash performs the cleaning programs autonomously, once the vehicle is positioned on the washing platform, the chosen external cleaning of the vehicles is performed.

Tunnel di lavaggio - Immagine categoria

Fixed washing system for trucks and buses. While the vehicle travels through the washing area in motion, the system performs the entire external cleaning cycle of the vehicles.

It meets the needs of companies bound by the need to reduce the washing cycle times.

Chassis a terra

Fixed system for washing the chassis and underbody of vehicles. Once the washing program has been activated, the dispensers release water under pressure to allow thorough cleaning in the lower part of the vehicles.

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