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Resumption of the production activities of Iteco Washing Systems, find out which of our systems can satisfy your washing needs of your transport vehicles!

If with the new year you are considering the purchase or renewal of your washing systems, Iteco Washing Systems offers you a wide range of products to choose from.

Discover the washing system that best suits your needs!

Single-Brush products

For transport companies or service stations that want to take advantage of a simple, easy to handle and space-saving system, various models of single-brush mobile washing systems are available that can perform a complete, professional and quick external cleaning of vehicles:

Portal washing systems

Omega Wash is the semi-moving portal washing system with multi-brush cleaning system. The gantry systems are ideal for medium and large companies that want an accurate washing cycle.

Omega Wash performs the cleaning programs autonomously, once the vehicle is positioned on the washing platform, the chosen external cleaning of the vehicles is performed.

Tunnel di lavaggio - Immagine categoria

Fixed washing system for trucks and buses. While the vehicle travels through the washing area in motion, the system performs the entire external cleaning cycle of the vehicles.

It meets the needs of companies bound by the need to reduce the washing cycle times.

Chassis a terra

Fixed system for washing the chassis and underbody of vehicles. Once the washing program has been activated, the dispensers release water under pressure to allow thorough cleaning in the lower part of the vehicles.

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Truck Wash guarantees your vehicles an immediate and quality wash

Truck Wash single-brush washing systems guarantee professional, fast and economical cleaning for transport vehicles such as trucks and buses.

Washing circuit

The Truck Wash washing system is supplied with anti-scratch brushes, to preserve the vehicle bodywork, and a tilting system, to clean even the sloping front parts typical of buses.

Driving with steering handlebar

Unlike the Easy Wash models with dual controls, Truck Wash has the control and driving system placed in the system’s handlebar. The driving system consists of a steering handlebar able to move the washing system easily and safely.

In addition, it is possible to have three types of guide on request:

On the ground;

Guida a terra

Standing on the platform;

Guida in piedi a bordo

Seated on the platform;

Guida seduto a bordo

Discover the Truck Wash model that suits you best!

Truck Wash is available in three models:

Truck Wash D500

Truck Wash D500: fueled by diesel.

Truck Wash D500HP

Truck Wash D500 HP: : with pressure washer and hose reel, fueled by diesel.

Truck Wash E 500

Truck Wash E500: with battery powered electric motor.

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Prevention of damage from winter frosts

Emptying the water system of the single brush machines to prevent damage caused by winter frosts.

With the arrival of the winter season, it is good practice to remember to empty the residual washing water from the single brush machines to prevent any damage caused by winter frosts.

System for draining the water system

For this reason, Iteco Washing Systems single bursh machines are equipped with a water emptying system: a series of valves positioned in the lower part of the machine that allow the complete drainage of the water tank, the water pump and of the connection hose to the spray nozzles of the single brush machine.

Rubinetto scarico idrico monospazzola
Rubinetto scarico idrico monospazzola
Rubinetto scarico idrico monospazzola

Cleaning the water filter

Filtro dell'acqua monospazzola

In addition to emptying operations, it is also recommended to clean the washing water filter between the water tank and the water pump to avoid obstructions and malfunctions due to the presence of impurities that can form in the water tank.

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Thorough cleaning of vehicles with the chassis washing system

Optimize the cleaning of the chassis of your vehicles with Iteco Washing Systems

With long journeys traveled by trucks and buses, the accumulation of dirt in the underbody is inevitable and if these impurities are neglected they can accelerate some aging processes such as rust.

To prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to periodically wash the vehicles through the use of chassis washing systems: dispenser circuits that spray water at high pressure in the lower part of the vehicles with the aim of eliminating accumulated dirt that is difficult to reach.

The chassis washing systems are present both in the single-brush systems and in the gantry and tunnel washing systems of Iteco Washing Systems. Gli impianti di lavaggio chassis sono presenti sia nei sistemi monospazzola che negli impianti di lavaggio a portale e a tunnel di Iteco Washing Systems.

Gantry and tunnel washing systems

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In the gantry or tunnel systems the HP manifolds are positioned under the washing area and are activated with the passing of the vehicle, in addition rotating washing heads can be installed in the gantry to optimize the washing of the frame and the mudguards of trucks and buses.

Single-brush washing systems


In single-brush machines, the chassis washing system is positioned in the lower part of the system. In some models such as Full Wash and Truck Wash D500 HP there is also a power cleaner with hose reel capable of reaching the most difficult points where the normal passage of the brush is not sufficient.


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