Thorough cleaning of vehicles with the chassis washing system

Optimize the cleaning of the chassis of your vehicles with Iteco Washing Systems

With long journeys traveled by trucks and buses, the accumulation of dirt in the underbody is inevitable and if these impurities are neglected they can accelerate some aging processes such as rust.

To prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to periodically wash the vehicles through the use of chassis washing systems: dispenser circuits that spray water at high pressure in the lower part of the vehicles with the aim of eliminating accumulated dirt that is difficult to reach.

The chassis washing systems are present both in the single-brush systems and in the gantry and tunnel washing systems of Iteco Washing Systems. Gli impianti di lavaggio chassis sono presenti sia nei sistemi monospazzola che negli impianti di lavaggio a portale e a tunnel di Iteco Washing Systems.

Gantry and tunnel washing systems

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In the gantry or tunnel systems the HP manifolds are positioned under the washing area and are activated with the passing of the vehicle, in addition rotating washing heads can be installed in the gantry to optimize the washing of the frame and the mudguards of trucks and buses.

Single-brush washing systems


In single-brush machines, the chassis washing system is positioned in the lower part of the system. In some models such as Full Wash and Truck Wash D500 HP there is also a power cleaner with hose reel capable of reaching the most difficult points where the normal passage of the brush is not sufficient.


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