Truck Wash: fast, economical and professional vehicle wash

Truck Wash single brush washing systems for professional, fast and economical cleaning of transport vehicles such as trucks and buses.

Washing circuit

The Truck Wash washing system is supplied with anti-scratch brushes, to preserve the vehicle bodywork, and a tilting system, to clean even the sloping front parts typical of buses.

Driving with steering handlebar

Unlike the Easy Wash models with dual controls, Truck Wash has the control and driving system placed in the system’s handlebar. The driving system consists of a steering handlebar able to move the washing system easily and safely.

In addition, it is possible to have three types of guide on request:

On the ground

Guida a terra

Standing on the platform

Guida in piedi a bordo

Seated on the platform

Guida seduto a bordo

Discover the Truck Wash model that suits you best!

Truck Wash is available in three models:

Truck Wash D500

Truck Wash D500: fueled by diesel.

Truck Wash D500HP

Truck Wash D500 HP: : with pressure washer and hose reel, fueled by diesel.

Truck Wash E 500

Truck Wash E500: with battery powered electric motor.

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