Easy Wash 50 E: Washing system with standard equipment

Easy Wash 50 E electric single brush washing machine with standard equipment for professional, fast and economical cleaning of trucks and buses.

Easy Wash 50 E is a single brush washing system designed to offer professional, fast and economical cleaning for any model of commercial or public transport vehicle

Controls and guidance system

This equipment is composed of a guide system with trolley for manual handling, with 4 free wheels and 2 directional wheels, which ensures maximum adherence to the ground and manoeuvrability.

Easy Wash 50 E console

The guide system, the controls and the emergency stop system of Easy Wash 50 E are present on both sides, allowing a control of the system in both directions of travel during the cleaning phase.

Washing system

The washing system consists of a manually tilting brush capable of cleaning the entire surface of trucks and buses.

Not having a tank, the water for cleaning vehicles is supplied by an external connection to the system that must be connected to a tap.

Installation and power supply system

The Easy Wash 50 E washing system can be used inside a warehouse or outside on the paved yard.

The power is supplied through direct connection with cable (free on the ground or with overhead line) from a standard 1-phase or 3-phase electrical outlet.

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